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I am Paige Parker

I moved from New York to Singapore more than a decade ago, and I am a board member, patron and fundraiser for various organisations, including the Singapore Committee for UN Women, Singapore Symphony Orchestra, National Gallery of Singapore and Singapore Dance Theatre.

I support and promote Singapore talent, be it in design, jewellery, the arts or fashion. Not only am I a freelance writer, but I am also a graduate gemologist through the Gemologist Institute of America.

Concurrently, I am a member of the Circumnavigators Club and the Explorers Club. My husband, Jim Rogers and I have two lovely daughters, Happy and Bee, and Singapore is their home by choice.


Pass The Power Podcast

with Paige Parker

This podcast implies my desire to pass on knowledge, insights, lessons, and wisdom from today’s thought leaders to benefit listeners. Pass the Power with Paige Parker dares to educate, entertain, and inspire.

Here are some episodes for you to listen in to!

Pass the Power has many 5 star reviews!

"Paige never fails to inspire me. The topics she addresses with all the industry leaders and chosen speakers have been so informative and powerful. Thank you Paige for taking this time to pass your power to the guest and then to the listener."

Sunita Gill

"I love Paige's energy and curiosity. Living in Singapore I was keen to learn about local successful people and the guests were great and from very diverse background."

Gaelle C.S.

Dont Call Me Mrs Rogers

In this book, I share my own personal evolution as well as the epic worldwide journey Jim and I went on. As this shaped me profoundly, I wanted to inspire my daughters and others to take a chance and to chart their own lives.

What people say

"Inspiring and honest read on taking a leap of faith and an incredible journey. Very thoughtful on what the author experienced as an individual and as a new couple. Definitely a path not taken by many but leaves you asking 'but could they?'"

Kalomira K

"She discovered how resilient and tough she was, and she learned to love a man who for three years was no further away than three feet from her. Talk about cabin fever! She saw the best the world had to offer and the worst it had to offer as well."

Delores J. Jordan

"Another spectacular story from a strong female author. Since I have experienced long term traveling, it was easy to relate to the journey of Paige and her corky husband. This is a travel stroy like no other. Hands down it was also special to have my home city Riga mentioned in the book from Singapore."

Elina Belova

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My Writings

I have passionately written articles for The Straits Times for 2 years from 2019 to 2020. There, I explore and delve deep into certain ideas, hoping to not only inspire, but empower the reader.

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Other writings

After a trip to the US, it’s good to be back in Singapore, where ‘we’ surpasses ‘me’ and people respect the rule of law

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Hi! I'm Paige Parker.

I moved from New York to Singapore more than a decade ago, and I am part of a multitude of organisations and committees. I love exploring new ideas whilst inspiring and empowering others. Do check out my socials, podcast, writings and my newly created YouTube channel!