Don't Call Me Mrs Rogers

Love, Loathing and Our EPIC Drive Around the World

At the turn of the millennium, American-born Paige Parker and investment guru Jim Rogers spend three years—1,101 days to be exact—driving over six continents in their “sunburst yellow” coupe and trailer, ultimately setting a Guinness World Record. During the epic journey, Paige’s world view is turned upside down, eventually leading her and her family to their ideal home in Singapore.

On the road trip, she meets women from every walk of life, inspiring monks in China, boy soldiers in Angola and oppressive patriarchy in too many countries, yet she walks away with a profound faith in humankind. She now wants to pass the lessons from the road to her two daughters, to women everywhere and to all intrepid travelers.

My book contains over 50 colour pictures from our fabulous journey

Here are some of my favourites!

The Guinness World Record EPIC Adventure!

This map shows the entire route we took! Curious about how we did it? Find out more in the book!

Don't Call Me Mrs Rogers has many wonderful reviews!

“Full of heart and insight… Paige is the modern-day princess and dragon slayer— full of grit, guts and grace. I stand in awe of Paige’s candour, curiosity and courage; and the majesty of her love, not just for Jim and her children Happy and Bee, but for life.”

Jaelle Ang

“A charming, engaging memoir that’s hard to put down, with pages of insightful gems about womanhood, motherhood and staying true to one’s inner calling.”

Dolores Au

“For those who thrive by saying yes, who keep their eyes open to all that life has to offer, this book is a wake-up call… A shoutout to anyone thinking of stepping beyond their comfort zone in search of a life-changing experience.”

Geoffrey Kent

“A truly inspiring read. I can only hope that my two girls will grow up with the same thirst for adventure and excitement as Paige has, and a similar desire to not only travel the world, but to understand and engage with people from all walks of life.”

Charmaine Seah-Ong


Hi! I'm Paige Parker.

I moved from New York to Singapore more than a decade ago, and I am part of a multitude of organisations and committees. I love exploring new ideas whilst inspiring and empowering others. Do check out my socials, podcast, writings and my newly created YouTube channel!