Pass The Power Podcast

with Paige Parker

I have been curious about successful people all my life. Join as I talk with accomplished folks, learn a bit of their back stories, how to live life fully and with passion, both professionally and personally, and useful nuggets of wisdom, as today’s thought-leaders pass the power on to you.


Why "Pass the Power"?



The name Pass the Power with Paige Parker implies my desire to pass on knowledge, insights, lessons, and wisdom from today’s thought leaders to benefit listeners. Pass the Power with Paige Parker dares to educate, entertain, and inspire.

How is success defined?

Success stems from the confidence we hold in ourselves and our beliefs, and committing to amplify that, so we may become the best version of ourselves, in order to do good, whether personally or professionally.


Pass the Power has many 5 star reviews!

"Paige never fails to inspire me. The topics she addresses with all the industry leaders and chosen speakers have been so informative and powerful. Thank you Paige for taking this time to pass your power to the guest and then to the listener."

Sunita Gill

"I love Paige's energy and curiosity. Living in Singapore I was keen to learn about local successful people and the guests were great and from very diverse background."

Gaelle C.S.


Hi! I'm Paige Parker.

I moved from New York to Singapore more than a decade ago, and I am part of a multitude of organisations and committees. I love exploring new ideas whilst inspiring and empowering others. Do check out my socials, podcast, writings and my newly created YouTube channel!